So, if you don’t know by now then you will… I’ve been getting more publicity then carter has pills so I figured I’d make this easier for you because there’s so much of it…

Below you will find links to newspapers, magazines, websites and TV News outlets around the world that have me featured! Just click on them & see! 

So here we go…. HemiGirl goes “round the world”!

Sports Illustrated!


The Wall Street Journal

New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Yahoo News

MSN News


Google News

The Huffington Post


The UK Telegraph

News Australia

Pop Life

The Daily Telegraph Australia

9MSN News Australia



The London Paper

Yahoo! News UK

Business World

Liberal Guy

Winnipeg Sun

France 24 - International News 24/7

Asia One News

Khaleej Times Indonesia

Sify Sports

Fiji Live News

Hindustan Times

iPhone News!

Central American News

The Daily Independent Bangladesh

Jakarta Globe Indonesia

94HJY 941.FM Providence

Annnnd I think thats it… if I find anymore I’ll add it to here…

Damn that took forever!